Fruit & Veg Show

Next Sunday (30th June) is our second event of the year. We have some exciting new attractions attending and lots of new stalls. There is also our very first fruit & veg show and a children’s competion, “biscuit tin garden”. Entry to both is free and there will be prizes to be won. All entries to the childen’s competition will receive a personalised certificate.

The classes in the show are:

  1. funniest shaped vegetable
  2. plate of soft fruit & 2a plate of stoned fruit
  3. 6 x pea pods
  4. 3 x beetroot
  5. 5 x broad beans
  6. longest bean
  7. 3 x courgettes
  8. 5 x carrots
  9. largest cabbage
  10. any odd vegetable

Judging will be by Jasephine Spring, an accredited RHS judge