Poet’s Corner

Among our volunteer gardeners, we have a talented poet, Clinton Cox.

Clint is going to try and produce a new poem, each month so, we hope to make this a regular feature. We hope you enjoy!

Fagus and Sessile

Fagus beech and Sessile oak

Were the best of friends

Said Fagus beech to Sessile oak

“our friendship never ends”

Sessile said to Fagus

“I hope your keeping warm

Because the wind is building up

We’re heading for a storm”

Fagus said to Sessile

“don’t worry, all is good,

We are just one family

Here in Beechtree wood”

Then the storm came roaring in,

It was a storm from hell.

And with a groan, and with a crack!

The mother beech tree fell.

Then Fagus sent out messages

Throughout t6he woodwide web

Informing all the beechwood

That mother beech was dead.

Then the beech trees all agreed

To fill that sacred place

Where the mighty mother tree

Had fallen with such grace.

And in the depth of winter

The tree was cleared away

Allowing light to reach the ground

On every sunny day.

Sessile said to Fagus

“Fagus, I do beseech

Let’s plant a lovely Oak tree

Next to your new born Beech”

Fagus said to Sessile

“yes, yes, I do agree

We’ll bring a baby acorn

To grow an old oak tree”

There is just one small problem

The oak was far away

We must bring back an acorn

With a squirrel or a Jay

So, as the months did pass on by

Two saplings, PROUD AND GREEN

ONE A Beech and one an Oak

Burst upon the scene.

The moral of this poem

I hope you all agree

Is that mankind can get along

In peace and harmony.

                                                          Clinton Cox