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THE FRIENDS OF DEVONPORT PARK are a  charity, registered with the Charity Commission in England – registration No: 1155177, which has a board of Trustees and an elected managment committee, representative of the area surrounding Devonport Park, who alongside members of other community organisations and the Plymouth City Council (PCC), have worked together to complete and maintain the restoration of Devonport Park.

The FDP became registered as a charity in January 2014

Devonport Park also known as ‘The People’s Park’ is a beautiful Victorian park, in use as such from the mid-1800’s. It has seen many changes over the years, both in its general appearance and uses. Over the years, the park has seen a general decline in its maintenance and use and this was the main reason for the creation of the Friends of Devonport Park (FDP) community group in September 2005.