About Us

In 2005, Plymouth City Council, together with the DRCP (Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership) decided to bid for a Big Lottery (Heritage Lottery Grant) tprestore the much neglected park.  To succeed, they needed to demonstrate that the bid had public support.  The Friends of Devonport Park community Group was formed as a result. The bid of £3.9 million was successful and the “friends” became leading stakeholders in the project. Since then the Friends have received various grants themselves in order to continue the work. The initial restoration project was completed in 2012 Since then the FDP have continued to makeimprovements and undertake a lot of the routine horticultural maintenance.


The Friends of Devonport Park are a voluntary community group which has an elected committee, representative of the area surrounding Devonport Park, who alongside members of other community organisations and Plymouth City Council (PCC), have worked together to complete the restoration of Devonport Park.

Devonport Park is a beautiful victorian park, in use as such from the mid-1800’s. It has seen many changes over the years, both in its general appearance and uses, but has seen a general decline in its maintenance and use leading to the main reason for the creation of the Friends of Devonport Park (FDP) community group.

The Friends of Devonport Park (FDP) work in close cooperation with Plymouth City Council (PCC) to maintain the standard achieved under the restoration of the park.

Work undertaken during the restoration included:

● Reinstalling the Victorian bandstand together with lighting and power

● Restoration of the Victorian lodge

● Design and construction of the park cafe

● Design and re-siting of the children’s play areas

● Installation of Victorian style lights and street furniture as well as a Clock

● The Napier and Sicilian fountains have been renovated together with new figureheads and are now in full working order

● All paths were renovated to a high standard

Work undertaken by the Friends since 2012.

● Creation of a new sensory garden

● Redesign, Replace, and improve many flower beds as well as provide raised beds.

● Installation of a a Petanque pitch

● All seating and waste bins have been replaced with Victorian style units

● Restored the Dorris gun