Co-op Community Fund

Hello friends. Last Saturday, 20th November, two of our Committee attended celebration events at the Co-oP stores in Albert Road and Duke Street, marking the contribution made to this group by Co-oP members through the Cooperative Community Fund. This year, those Co-oP members and supporters have donated £6550.57 to the Friends of Devonport Park. This money is to enable us to continue our “fruiting arboretum” project on the Ferry Field side of Devonport Park, which started back in 2019. We plan to offer classes to local people on the care and maintenance of the fruit trees planted there and, on the best ways to use the produce grown.

The Co-op community has always been most supportive of the work of the FDP, support for which we are extremely grateful. Being such a small charity, we really do rely on the generous local support that we get, to help us continue our work in Devonport Park, a green resource which we know, local residents truly value.

On behalf of our Trustees and Management Committee, I thank you all for that continuing support and the Co-op Community Fund for giving us the chance to reach out to it’s members.